Tradition at your fingertips


was born in 1969 as a small family company specialised in the processing of peeled tomatoes, concentrates and pulp.

The business property

is part of Borgo Carillia, in the municipality of Altavilla Silentina, in the heart of the Sele Valley. The industrial plant, initially equipped with a single building, was subsequently implemented with the addition of other premises and buildings, to take on the appearance and size of today, reaching to extend and operate on an area of about 70,000 square meters. 90% of the production is exported mainly to the Benelux countries and the United States, either through direct sales or through import-export companies, while the remaining 10% is sold in Italy. Currently RISPOLI LUIGI & C. SRL operates under the brand name "Valle del Cilento".


The company's goal has always been to provide healthy and natural products that maintain its nutritional characteristics unaltered and preserve the fragrance and freshness of tomatoes and processed products. To this end, the company has committed itself over the years to ensure that the products obtained comply with the internal quality standards (constantly monitored by specialised personnel and external consultants), both in terms of organoleptic characteristics and hygienic-sanitary conditions of the entire production chain. The continuous commitment in strengthening the quality and safety of the product has been the strong point on which, over the years, the company has focused and that has allowed it to organize a completely independent management system, increasing the professionalism of the internal operators and collaboration with its suppliers and external collaborators. Embracing the aforementioned values of sustainability and respect for the environment, Valle del Cilento launches the first organic tomato line in Tetra Recart. This new packaging technology has allowed us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions (compared to traditional methods), always guaranteeing maximum freshness and the best quality standards of the products.